M3M3NT0 M0R1 (prototype)

Remember, you must die.

Arrows to move, left ctrl to shoot, left shift for missiles, space to jump. Enter to reset after you "win" or you're stuck.

Side scrolling roguelite prototype. Think Megaman + Metroid + Binding of Isaac.

 Item pickups stack and interact along with altering your appearance. 

Map is procedurally generated.

Mini Map shows current location (yellow) and boss room (red).

All art/code done by me.  Song by CrutchFace for this project.


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So how do you shoot up or down? I've been blocked on two runs now by doors in which you have to shoot up or down at them and I can't shoot up or down? Other than that, cool concept, how to see this fleshed out!

Never mind I've figured it out. Turns out you need to press Space + Down to go downwards, and you need to beat the rooms.
With more Enemies, Bosses, floors, and layout types, I think this could be a fantastic game! The controls are a little floaty at times, but eh? What are you gonna do.

Thanks for the feedback, I should mention that in the description.  The plan was to have a tutorial eventually, etc, but... yeah.  This was actually designed with a controller in mind with L&R triggers giving you a dash ala MegaMan X, but to my knowledge WebGL + controller isn't standardized yet.